Musical Concerns

1) A) Dynamics and B) Expression are strongly correlated systems in music - they behave like linked particles. Two sides of one musical coin, A=B.

1,1) Dynamics stretches the fabric of musical time (meter, rhythm); therefore Agogic, as an aspect of Dynamics, is also an agent of musical expression.

1,2) Timbre is critical to the character of that fabric; it is an aspect of the dynamic line (think voice) or of the balance between dynamic lines (think orchestra) and also an agent of musical expression.

1b) Dynamics, Agogic, and Timbre in music are domain of the measurable world and can be displayed in a Cartesian coordinate system (i.e. soft/loud, in-time/late, dark/bright), a material phenomenon. Ineffable Expression reveals itself through the inspired interplay of these three definable aspects.

2) B) Expression and C) Meaning, while two phenomena (B≠C) in verbal language*, are inseparable in the musical language** and also behave like linked particles. Two sides of one musical coin, B=C.

* In verbal language the C) Meaning of “Frosted Flakes are great!” or “I am your father, Luke” or "I love you forever!" is contained within the written words but their B) Expression, when said out loud, is a different phenomenon (think Shakespeare). ** In musical language C) Meaning cannot be derived from the written score (think MIDI) - it is entirely dependent on "saying it out loud", a phenomenon of B) Expression in performance resulting from the trident of A) Dynamics, Agogic and Timbre.

2b) Expression and Meaning in music are domain of the mind and soul only; immeasurable, numinous, and yet evident; a phenomenon and triumph of the human spirit.

3) Dynamics3, Expression, and Meaning are all strongly correlated systems in music: a trinity of linked particles. Three quantum-entangled sides of that one musical coin, A=B=C.


Sometimes the sound (balance, colors, transparency, gesture) of a musician is purely an attempt at imitation of a sound of great pianists from recordings ~ for example the sound of the iridescent brilliance of Horowitz or the crystal clear articulation of Gould. Taking a great...