Pianist to Pianist

A collection of pianistic, pedagogical, methodical, musical, artistic, and cultural contemplations, concepts, observations, and concerns, from pianist to pianist, pedagogue to pedagogue, musician to musician and from a curious and critical observer.

We create new experiences and expressions: innovation, as they emerge from existing ones: tradition. Music progressed thus in the hands and ears of open minded, daring, and cultured individuals; the creations of geniuses, that appealed to the archetypes of man, defined western culture and entered our collective memory. Once it has been proclaimed in the early 20th century that God - The Holy Trinity of Music: rhythm, harmony, and melody - is dead, and in mid 20th century the notion of artistic pseudo liberalism in the phrase "every one is an artist, every thing is art" was disseminated and accepted, it became impossible to create any new experiences or expressions because the present was cut from history and tradition; a seemingly inevitable step. We have to ask ourselves why it was inevitable and whether it was worth it.

In our history we know of one cataclysmic event in the arts and sciences: the decline and fall of the Greco-Roman civilization. How did the knowledge of the antique world survive oblivion in the thousand years of the Dark Ages? Think about this, before I continue.

Ars longa, vita brevis, occasio praeceps, experimentum periculosum, iudicium difficile. One should – with exceptions – perform in concert only the most outstanding pieces of the great composers written specifically for that purpose ~ because the domain of art is immeasurable, life is short, opportunity is transient, exploration is treacherous,...