Pianist to Pianist

A collection of pianistic, pedagogical, methodical, musical, artistic, and cultural contemplations, concepts, observations, and concerns, from pianist to pianist, pedagogue to pedagogue, musician to musician and from a curious and critical observer.

When, while practicing, you experiment with the evenness of a passage, the balance of a chord, or the gesture of a melody, you can accidentally get it wrong, but you cannot accidentally get it right. Determining and setting up exactly what you want to hear, what...

To be adored by the masses is good if you are a pop icon or a gladiator. That is then the goal of your profession. Entertainers always say: I am nothing without my fans.
That is the exact opposite for artists. Artists need to be everything without the fans, and nothing without their art.
True art is created for the ineffable, for it's own purpose and fulfillment, for god, if she exists. To share your art is imperative, systemic. Fame and fortune might be a means to an end, pleasant no doubt, but ultimately we and our creations are but dust and ashes and only the calm of our soul, the pursuit of our passions, and the laughter of our children have lasting meaning.

It is common knowledge, not only for pianists, that Robert Schumann hurt his hand with a mechanical device. We know that for a fact, it makes sense, it is a good story: The musical genius, who in order to advance his ability at the keyboard, to compete with the great performers of his time, challenges fate by endeavoring something unnatural, and subsequently suffering a tragic loss. Icarus. But: It's not true.