“After the performance one fleetingly thinks of the pianists that became legends, but comparisons are impermissible. Margulis is a master sui generis (of his own kind).”
– Drehpunkt Kultur, Salzburg, Austria

“A Virtuoso and Creator. Euphoric applause.”
– The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, FAZ, Germany

“Margulis, the sure hand technician, makes an impeccable impression… The whole piece basks in colors and rhythms… His Schubert is charged with strictness and drama… A recital of Margulis is plainly a concert of outstanding quality.”
– Drehpunkt Kultur, Salzburg, Austria

“He proved to be an exceptional phenomenon amongst his the generation of pianists… A recital, that set high standards.”
– Starkenburger Echo, Germany

“The high art of extroverted virtuosity is to be admired… Margulis, a refined spirit with a lions paw, knows how to play the piano!”
– Badische Zeitung, Germany

“Jura Margulis’s reflective approach imbues his playing with a somber palette of colours, shaping each variation with a capricious individuality of character.”
– International Piano

“To take but one example, it’s famously formidable test for a solo singer to differentiate the four characters represented in the narrative text of Schubert’s Erlkönig—much less for a solo pianist in the Liszt transcription. It’s hard to imagine this challenge being brought off more successfully than it is here. …Recommended!”
– Fanfare Magazine, USA

“A pianistic fire-work of outstanding quality… technical perfection and sophisticated interpretation”
– Maintal Tagesanzeiger, Germany

“… a CD which reveals a pianist, until now much too little noticed, at the height of his powers. Bravo.”
– Piano News, Germany

“His performance was so subtle and honest that even Sviatoslav Richter could not have done it more convincingly.”
– Badische Zeitung, Germany

“The performance of this outstanding young pianist distinguishes itself with – besides of a phenomenal technique and force – an admirable clarity, superiority, even sovereignty of conception which makes his playing always coherent, reflective, and entirely sincere.”
– Universitätsblätter, Germany

“with bravura and in such a sensitive and overwhelming way that in listening to the performance one’s breath is taken away.”
– Piano News, Germany

“Argerich performed “The Night on Bald Mountain” with Jura Margulis (in his own transcription for two pianos). With delicate sounds to powerful attacks shaking the hall, a storm of throbbing sounds evoked a raving devil on a black Sabbath. Here Mr. Margulis gave a wonderful performance energized by Argerich.”
– Asahi Shimbun, Japan

“It was certainly one of the most enchanting and unique performances.”
– Badische Zeitung, about a piano duo with Martha Argerich

“Jura Margulis’ exceptional pianism … Young, steel-fingered and highly musical.”
– Los Angeles Times, USA

“Impulsive and thought full”
– The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, FAZ, Germany

“Martha Argerich…played piano duets with Jura Margulis. It was extraordinary.”
– Los Angeles Times, USA

“titanic reserves of technique and sheer power … effortless spontaneity”
– The Washington Post, USA

“Margulis dominated the evening with his reflective interpretation”
– Le Nouveau Quotidien, Verbier Festival , Switzerland

“His playing gave me the most enthralling insight into the fascinating, mystical world of Alexander Scriabin”
– Das Orchester, Berlin, Germany

“The perfect Beethoven for the audience of our time… his textures are clean and unassuming, his technique and accuracy perfect… yet he draws on the emerging new romanticism in piano playing… sweeping lyricism… imagination, originality, and good taste pervaded every phrase… his range and breadth sent the audience out to intermission wanting more”
– The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, USA

“a magical pianist”
– Valli Pusteria, Italy

“a promising debut”
– Pravda, St. Petersburg, Russia (1987)

“on the path to the European elite”
– Rheinische Post, Germany (1983)

“Margulis’s powerful spotlighting turns this Sonate (Prokoffievs Siebte) into a piece of ongoing screaming and hesitation that brings light into the depths of the human soul.”
– PianoNews

This CD was awarded the Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik in 2004.

“Controlled obsessiveness”
– Fono Forum

The CD was chosen by Fono Forum as a “reference recording” and included to the 1,000 Most Important CDs of 2001.

“I can’t tell you what a great pleasure it is for me to listen to your excellent playing on Horowitz 314 503. What a wonderful program too. When I listen to all those pieces Vladimir Horowitz plaed I see him still sitting at this his beloved Steinway.”

– Franz Mohr (piano tuner of Horowitz)

“…this interpretation puts Jura Margulis in the row of the greatest performers of the music of Ravel and Prokofiev.”

– Gunter Schnitzler, Universitatsblatter